This F-15A was delivered to the USAF in February 1977. It would enter active service with the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing at Langley AFB, VA but not for long. After a couple of weeks on the 27th of April 1977, 75-0056 was ferried to to Bitburg AB as part of Operation Ready Eagle.

75-0056 would join the 525 TFS Bulldogs for the first year at the Bush. In 1978 0056 transferred to the 22 TFS Stingers and would remain with the “Last of the Red Hot Fighter Squadron” until 1981. In this year the 36th TFW began swopping their A/B for the factory fresh C/D models.
75-0056 would find a new home in the Florida panhandle with the 33 TFW at Eglin AFB. On occasion during “Crested Cap” exercises 75-0056 would flying again in the European Air space when the 33 TFW deployed to Europe. During it’s time at Eglin AFB 75-0056 would fly with all three squadrons (58, 59 and 60th TFS) until the middle of 1986.

In June 1986 75-0056 transferred to the 426 TFTS “Killer Claws” for a couple of months, before moving from active duty to the Georgia ANG, joining the 128 TFS at Dobbins AFB. Where unfortunately
on the 24th of November 1987 was W/O after a crash due too colliding with F-16B 79-0419 466 TFS “HI” near Wadley Georgia. (over Jefferson County),
the F-15 Pilot ejected and the F-16 landed safely at Dobbins AFB, GA