48 Fighter Interceptor Squadron

Eagle History

The 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron was stationed at Langley AFB and part of the Air Defence Command. The 48th FIS received the first F-15A/B’s on August 14, 1981 replacing the F-106 Delta Dart. The 48th FIS officially stood up as an F-15 squadron on April 5th 1982. The 48th FIS participated a couple of times with the F-15s at the William Tell competitions. The 48th FIS received three F-15A’s modified to carry the ASM-135A anti-Satellite (ASAT) missle, although the missle was never operational. The Squadron deactivated on September 30, 1991 and the F-15s were transferred to the 110 Fighter Squadron at Lambert Field, St Louis Missouri.

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Squadron photos

An air-to-air right side view of two 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron F-15 Eagle aircraft in formation during Exercise AMALGHAM CHIEF ’87-1. (Tsgt Lou Hernandez)
An air-to-air right side view of a 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron F-15 Eagle aircraft as another F-15 banks left during Exercise AMALGHAM CHIEF ’87-1.
Technicians of the 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron use a MJ-1 bomb loader to load an AIM-7 Sparrow onto an F-15 Eagle aircraft during Exercise AMALGHAM CHIEF ’87-1.
48th FIS F-15s scramble out of Langley AFB (DoD photo)
F-15 Eagle 76-0119 from the 48th FIS is firing an AIM-7 Sparrow missile.
Nighttime view of F-15A (78-0086) assigned to the 48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, on the flight line during Exercise Copper Flag at Tyndall AFB