MiG Killers

The name Mig Killers was founded in the Korea war when countless Migs were shot down by American P-80 Shooting Stars and F-86 Sabres. This name was again used by the American pilots during the Vietnam conflict. During the Gulf war USAF F-15 units achieved air superiority from off Day one. The following aerial victories were credited during the Gulf War.

17 Jan 91PENNZOIL 6358 TFS/33 TFWKelkF-15C85-125MiG-29AIM-7
17 Jan 91CITGO 6558 TFS/33 TFWGraeterF-15C85-105Mirage F-1
Mirage F-1
17 Jan 91QUAKER 1171 TFS/1 TFWTateF-15C83-017Mirage F-1AIM-7
17 Jan 91ZEREX 7158 TFS/33 TFWMagillF-15C85-107MiG-29AIM-7
17 Jan 9158 TFS/33 TFW DraegerF-15C85-119
19 Jan 91CITGO 2158 TFS/33 TFWTolliniF-15C85-099MiG-25AIM-7
19 Jan 91CITGO 2258 TFS/33 TFWPittsF-15C85-101MiG-25AIM-7
19 Jan 91CHEVRON 2658 TFS/33 TFWUnderhillF-15C85-122MiG-29AIM-7
19 Jan 91CHEVRON 2558 TFS/33 TFWRodriguezF-15C85-114MiG-29Ground
19 Jan 91RAMBO 03525 TFS/36 TFWPratherF-15C79-069Mirage F-1AIM-7
19 Jan 91RAMBO 04525 TFS/36 TFWSvedenF-15C79-021Mirage F-1AIM-7
26 Jan 91CITGO 2558 TFS/33 TFWDraegerF-15C85-108MiG-23AIM-7
26 Jan 91CITGO 2658 TFS/33 TFWSchiaviF-15C85-104MiG-23AIM-7
26 Jan 91CITGO 2758 TFS/33 TFWRodriguezF-15C85-114MiG-23AIM-7
27 Jan 91OPEC 0153 TFS/36 TFWDenneyF-15C84-025MiG-23
27 Jan 91OPEC 0253 TFS/36 TFWPowellF-15C84-027MiG-23
Mirage F-1
29 Jan 91CHEVRON 1758 TFS/33 TFWRoseF-15C85-102MiG-23AIM-7
29 Jan 91BITE 0432 TFGWatrousF-15C79-022MiG-23AIM-7
2 Feb 91RIFLE 01525 TFS/36 TFWMastersF-15C79-064Il-76AIM-7
6 Feb 91ZEREX 5353 TFS/36 TFWDietzF-15C79-078MiG-21
6 Feb 91ZEREX 5453 TFS/36 TFWHehemannF-15C84-019Su-25
7 Feb 91CHEVRON 2158 TFS/33 TFWParsonsF-15C85-124Su-7/17AIM-7
7 Feb 91CHEVRON 2258 TFS/33 TFWMurphyF-15C85-102Su-22
7 Feb 91KILLER 0322 TFS/36 TFWMayF-15C80-003Mi-24AIM-7
11 Feb 91PISTOL 01525 TFS/36 TFWDingeeF-15C80-0120.5 x HeloAIM-7
11 Feb 91PISTOL 02525 TFS/36 TFWMcKenzieF-15C79-0480.5 x HeloAIM-7
14 Feb 91PACKARD 41335 TFS/4 TFWBennett/BakkeF-15E89-487Hughes 500GBU-10
20 Mar 91AMOCO 3422 TFS/36 TFWDoneskiF-15C84-014Su-22AIM-9
22 Mar 91ZEREX 2153 TFS/36 TFWDietzF-15C84-010Su-22AIM-9
22 Mar 91ZEREX 2253 TFS/36 TFWHehemannF-15C84-015PC-9Ground

NOTES17 Jan: Magill. CPT Chuck “Sly” Magill was a Marine exchange pilot serving with the 58th TFS.

19 Jan: Rodriguez. After Underhill shot the first MiG-29, both Rodriguez and Underhill had the remaining MiG-29 bracketed. In an attempt to dive into an escape window that had already closed, the Iraqi MiG-29 pilot attempted to execute a split-S from a starting altitude of about 2,000 feet. Rodriguez, who was the engaged low man, recognized the problem and took it upstairs; the MiG-29 attempted to follow through with the split-S and hit the desert floor.

Sgt. Bradley Russell, crew chief, secures Capt. Cesar Rodriguez into the cockpit of a 58th Tactical Fighter Squadron F-15 Eagle aircraft prior to a mission during Operation Desert Storm.

The Underhill-Rodriguez engagement occurred as CHEVRON was clearing the six of CITGO flight, which had just killed its pair of MiG-25s and was retreating south to the tanker track. It is said to have been the only turning fight of the war. In post-war interviews, Rodriguez expressed his opinion that they had been extremely lucky in the intercept, since AWACS did not call the pair of MiG-29s approaching from the left beam until they were roughly 13 miles away. Prior to that call, CHEVRON had been unaware of the MiGs’ presence.

26 Jan: Draeger-Shiavi-Rodriguez. This triplet of kills was a “textbook” BVR offensive sweep, with the four CITGO F-15Cs (the fourth was flown by Bruce Till) picking up four MiG-23s and bouncing three (one of them returned to H-2 early in the intercept, presumably because of mechanical problems). The targets were sorted and shot at by all four F-15s at over 13 miles (Till’s AIM-7 arrived slightly after the others and thus he did not receive a kill credit).

29 Jan: Watrous. CPT Watrous was a 32nd TFG pilot detached to the 525th TFS/36th TFW during the war.

7 Feb: Parsons. COL Rick Parsons was the commander of the 33rd TFW, flying a 58th TFS aircraft on this date.

11 Feb: Dingee-McKenzie. This was a shared kill.

14 Feb: Bennett-Bakke. This was the famous laser-guided-bomb kill. The helicopter was on the ground at the time that PACKARD 41 released the GBU-10, but took off while the bomb was in flight. The WSO kept lasing the helicopter anyway, and the bomb guided straight through the rotor disc, destroying the Hughes 500 instantly. The kill was witnessed by a Special Forces team on the ground.

22 Mar: Hehemann. The PC-9 pilot ejected immediately after observing the immediately preceding Su-22 kill by ZEREX 21 During Operation Allied Force the USAF F-15’s encountered Serbian Air Force MiG-29, and the response was as always, Sure, Swift and Accurate, The following aerial victories were credited during operation Allied Force

24 Mar 99KNIFE 13493 FS/48 FWRodriguezF-15C86-0169MiG-29AIM-120
24 Mar 99EDGE 61493 FS/48 FWShowerF-15C86-0159MiG-29AIM-120
26 Mar 99DIRK 21493 FS/48 FWHwangF-15C86-0156MiG-29AIM-120
26 Mar 99DIRK 21493 FS/48 FWHwangF-15C86-0156MiG-29AIM-120

24 Mar: Rodriguez. This was Lt.Col. Rodriguez 3rd aerial victory having previously shot down a MiG 23 and MiG 29 during the Gulf War.

Departing on their first operational mission “Allied Force” from Cervia AB, Italy on the 24th March 1999. From left to right Cesar “Rico” Rodriguez (element Leader), Anthony “K Bob” Sweeney (Wingman), “Wild” Bill Denham (wingman), Robert “Criket”Renner (Flight Leader) 493rd Fighter Squadron Grim Reapers

Col. Jeffrey Hwang, 123rd Fighter Squadron commander and F-15 fighter pilot prepares for an afternoon training flight, Nov. 7, 2012 at the Portland Air National Guard Base, Portland, Ore. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. John Hughel, 142nd Fighter Wing Public Affairs/Released)

Col. Jeff Hwang, 142nd Fighter Wing Vice Commander, pauses on the ladder of his F-15C Eagle following his ‘Fini Flight’ with the Oregon Air National Guard, Sept. 19, 2014, Portland Air National Guard Base, Ore. Painted on the Eagle are two green stars, which were added to Hwang’s aircraft for his final flight in the Air Force, and reference the two Mikoyan MiG-29’s that he shot down over Kosovo on March 26, 1999.
Capt. Anthony Murphy, an F-15 Eagle aircraft pilot, returns to base after downing two Iraqi SU-22 aircraft during an Operation Desert Storm mission.
CAPT. Chuck “Sly”Magill was a USMC exchange pilot serving with the 58th TFS. On January 17th 1991 he shot down a MiG-29 during the opening round of Operation Desert storm (ZEREX 71)
Capt. Donald “Muddy”Watrous back at Soesterberg AB (May 1991). Muddy was deployed to Incirlik AB and shot down a MiG-23 on January 29th, 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. (Rnlaf fotodienst)
Capt. John K. Kelk, 58th Tactical Fighter Squadron pilot, stands in front of an F-15C Eagle at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Kelk is credited with the first Iraqi MiG-29 aerial kill of Operation Desert Storm
Capt. Rick Tollini,58 TFS credited with a MiG-25 Kill on January 19th, 1991 while flying 85-0099 “CITGO 21”
Capt. Craig “Mole” Underhill, 58 TFS was flying together with Ceasar “Rico” Rodriguez as “CHEVRON 26” on the 19th of January 1991. While flying 85-122. He shot down a MiG-29 on this mission.
Capt. Dave “Rose” Logger while with the 60th TFS at Eglin AFB. Capt. Logger was flying F-15C 85-0102 “CHEVRON 17” on January 29th, 1991 when he shot down a MiG-23
Capt. Anthony “Kimo” Schiavi 58 TFS, shot down a MiG-23 on January 26th, 1991 while flying 85-0108 “CITGO 26”
Capt. Rob “Cheese” Graeter 58 TFS, scored a double Mirage F-1 kill on the opening night of Operation Desert Storm
Steve “Tater” Tate’s interview with CNN the day after the first night when he shot down an Iraqi F-1.

The 104th Fighter Wing currently operates five F-15s with aerial victories. The five tail numbers of the named aircraft are 064, 101, 108, 122, and 125. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Sara Kolinski)
The 104th Fighter Wing currently operates five F-15s with aerial victories. The five tail numbers of the named aircraft are 064, 101, 108, 122, and 125. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Sara Kolinski)
The 104th Fighter Wing currently operates five F-15s with aerial victories. The five tail numbers of the named aircraft are 064, 101, 108, 122, and 125. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Sara Kolinski)
The 104th Fighter Wing currently operates five F-15s with aerial victories. The five tail numbers of the named aircraft are 064, 101, 108, 122, and 125. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Sara Kolinski)