Capt. Craig D. “Throat” Lovelady

This page is in Honor and Memory of Capt. Craig D. “Throat” Lovelady

Capt. Craig D. Lovelady was a F-15 Eagle Driver stationed with the 525 TFS “Bulldogs” at Bitburg AB, Germany. On January 7th 1986, Capt. Craig Lovelady took off from Bitburg AB on a local training sortie,  1 v 1 Offensive BFM training mission. During the BFM mission Capt Lovelady’s F-15 (80-0032) came into a midair collision with the F-15 (79-0061) flown by Col. Rudolph U. Zuberbuhler. Capt. Craig D. Lovelady’s F-15 crashed on a barn in the town of Rimschweiler and was he tragically killed. Col. Rudolph U. Zuberbuhler managed to eject safely.

Capt. Craig D. Lovelady, 29, of Glendale, Ariz. had only been in Germany for about 2 or 3 months. His previous assignment was at Langley AFB, were he flew the F-15 with the 48 FIS. Capt. Lovelady was a F-15 FWS graduate.

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