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This website contains the story behind the world’s best ” interceptor” and “strike” fighter. There are numerous great site’s about the F-15 so why another site?

Well most site are great photo gallery’s and contain the history and development of the F-15. What they miss is the story behind the F-15. The training, exercises and operations, deployments, Squadron anecdotes, personal stories. The history of the squadrons that operate or haven flown with the F-15. News about current exercises and deployments.

Each squadron history page is different from the other. Such as the 461st TFTS which contains a whole lot of extra information about the development of the F-15E training program. Or the 22nd TFS Stingers with a lot of squadron anecdotes and fighter pilot pranks. Take a look for yourself, and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for visiting

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Below the latest F-15 Eagle News

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F-15EX II made ready for delivery to the Oregon ANG

Tails painted — all dressed up for delivery F-15EX EX7 and EX8 get the final touches before they head to their new home with the 142nd Wing, 123rd Fighter Squadron ‘Redhawks.'(movieclip via The Boeing company)


Lt .Col. Anthony “Mafia” O’Shea takes command of the 391st FS

Lt Col Jeremiah “Utah” King relinquished command of the 391st Fighter Squadron “Bold Tigers” to Lt Col Anthony “Mafia” O’Shea this week. (photo credit 366th FW/PA)


Col. Christopher Clark, 144th FW/CC Fini Flight

Col. Christopher Clark, 144th Fighter Wing commander, flew his fini flight in the F-15 Eagle with the 144th fighter Wing at the Fresno Air National Guard Base, California, May 23, 2024. Col Clark chose to fly in the Heritage Jet with its one-of-a-kind, red-white-and-blue paint scheme. Congratulations, Sir! (photos by Maj. Jason Sanchez)


104FW attend WIC at Nellis AFB

104th FW/PA

BARNES AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Massachusetts – Members of the 104th Fighter Wing attended the two-week USAF weapons school integration exercise from April 6, 2024, to April 20, 2024, at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. This exercise combined multiple squadrons to test and determine the functionality of new air combat tactics through offensive and defensive counterair measures while using both fourth-generation and fifth-generation aircraft.

Members of the 104th Fighter Wing attend USAF weapons school integration exercise, April 6, 2024, to April 20, 2024, at Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada. This exercise combined multiple squadrons to test and determine the functionality of new air combat tactics through offensive and defensive counterair measures while using both fourth-generation and fifth-generation aircraft.

Maj. James ‘Mongoose’ Hurley, 131st Fighter Squadron Weapons Officer, stressed the significance of the exercise through the potential for fourth generation fighter units to provide air combat support to fifth-generation aircraft for future missions.

“We received an invite from the 433rd Weapons Squadron and the 17th Weapons Squadron there for the F-22 Raptor and F-15E Strike Eagle, respectively,” said Hurley. “Our role within the exercise was to integrate with them to focus on advanced-threat defensive counterair the first week and offensive counterair the second week. Overall, our goal here was to provide the sensor, as well as the fourth-generation role in that against fourth and fifth-generation fighter integration.”
Providing fourth-generation fighter F-15 support in the exercise effectively enables the Air Force to practice and analyze the validity of the new air tactics listed in the Air, Land, Sea, and Space application fighter integration doctrine. This also enables the weapons school students at Nellis to learn these new tactics and be able to teach them to their respective future units when they graduate.

“Helping to be the platform that validates the new tactics, whether its operational tests or the weapons school is great,” said Hurley. “But when you bring in units like us who are going to be the ones to get called on to do it, it’s crucial we have invaluable experience in practicing it.”
By having as many as 25-30 sorties per day, the Air Force can effectively analyze how fourth-generation fighters can provide critical support to fifth-generation fighters through combat and tactics integration.

“While the fifth-generation fighters are certainly capable, they are limited in their gas and missiles,” said Hurley. “If we talk about how fourth-generation can to enable that, we have extra missiles, extra sensors that we can use to support them, in so doing making everyone more lethal and survivable than they would be if they were doing so standalone.”
The exercise provided the 104FW with valuable lessons and experience in practicing integrating with the weapons school students and having the ability to sit through their brief, debrief, and mission planning. Through this integration, the Air Force is better equipped to test, validate, and adjust.
“It’s definitely a valuable experience to get to learn the latest tactics they’re coming out with from the weapons school,” said Hurley. “The validation of the new tactics manual and just learning exactly how best to do it with the changes happening daily as we progress and work our way closer to what looks right. Overall, this was the most useful temporary duty assignment I’ve been on, tactically speaking since I’ve been here.”


Desert Flag 2024

335th FS Chiefs. F-15Es from the 335th EFS arriving at an undisclosed location for Desert Flag 2024, April 18, 2024. Desert Flag, hosted by a regional coalition partner, provides strategic training with multinational and regional partners to build upon a cohesive fighting force in the defense of the Arabian Peninsula.