Capt. Steve J. Nelson

This page is in Honor and Memory of  Capt. Steve J. Nelson

Capt. Steve J. Nelson was an Eagle Driver flying the F-15 with the 57th Fighter Interceptor Squadron “Black Knights” based at NAS Keflavik, Iceland.

On January 2nd, 1986 Capt. Nelson was flying an F-15 (80-0037) in a Split S” maneuver attempted as part of Low Altitude Step Down Training for new F-15 Pilots. The Instructor Pilot elected to attempt the maneuver at 10,000′ MSL in heavyweight (full CFTs) Eagles, realized it wasn’t possible to complete the maneuver halfway through and pulled out early, over-G’ing his a/c. Student (No. 2, Capt. S. Nelson), not realizing the dangerous conditions, continued the maneuver until impacting the water killing Capt. Steve J. Nelson

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