9 Fighter Squadron

Eagle History

The 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron was stationed at Holloman AFB, New

Mexico.The squadron converted from F-4s to F-15A/B’s in 1977. The 9th TFS was a training squadron with the 49 TFW (one of the three USAF F-15 training Wing’s in the 1980’s). The 9th TFS was one of the last units to operate the “old” version of the F-15A/B’s. From June 20 to Dec. 5, 1991, portions of the squadron deployed to Southwest Asia flying combat air patrols for Coalition operations. During this period, on Nov. 1, 1991, the 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron was redesignated as the 9th Fighter Squadron. On May 8, 1992, the 9th Fighter Squadron began its conversion from the F-15 to the F-117A Night Hawk stealth fighter. On June 5, 1992, the unit flew its last F-15 sortie officially ending 14 years of Eagle operations.

9th TFS Group Photo 1979 at Holloman AFB. Bottom row (left to right)
John “Smokey” Stover (Commander), Tom Albee (Ops Officer and later Commander), George Lippemiere (Assistant Operations Officer), Mike Guth (Flt CC), Jimmy Mills (Flt CC), Steve “Gyro” Jaros (Flt CC),
2nd Row (Left to Right):
Terry (Lobo) Branson, Roy “Bubba” Parker, Bob Wood, Steve “Nugget” Miller, Jerry Kraby, Bob DeBusk, Dan Schultz, Rod “Roach” Jones,
Back Row (Left to Right):
Mark “Cowboy” Sanders, Herb Johnson, Jack Beauchamp, Al Kinser, Bob “Shark” Schraeder, Mike “Buzzard” Brown, Steve “Stubb” Henderson, Jim Neu (Flt CC) (thanks Roy “Bubba”Parker for your help to ID everyone)

I am searching for more information of the 9th FS, like squadron competition, history, photos and personal stories related to the squadron. Any information you would like to donate can be sent to janpeter@skytrailer.nl

Squadron photos

F-15A ( 77-0110) 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 49th Tactical Fighter Wing, Taken at RAF Alconbury, England USAF Photo
SSGT Karen Forsythe and AMN Steve Miles go over an aircraft maintenance manual and maintenance records. The airmen perform maintenance on an F-15 Eagle aircraft during exercise Border Star ’81 (photo made by SSGT Henry A. Dutcher).
The last F-15B built 77-0168 while flying with the 9th TFS Iron Knights
9 TFS Waiting for the Chalk ride home from Wittmund GE after a month in the fog of Ostfriesland.
Using Legos Matt Flat Black briefs his four-ship on how he plans to ambush more unsuspecting BT F-15 bros down in the Eifel…L-R Joe Slider Callan, unk, Paul PJ Clark, Black
A right rear view of two F-15B’s 77-0069 and 77-0073 aircraft reflected in a large rain puddle, ready to taxi out to the active runway at Holloman AFB, N.M. Photo made by