Maj. Donald G. Lowry

This page is in Honor and Memory of Major Donald G. “Zane” Lowry and his impressive USAF career.

Maj. Donald G. “Zane” Lowry was based at Ramstein AB. He maintained his operational readiness status with the 53rd Fighter Squadron “Tigers” at Spangdahlem AB, Germany. On May 30th 1995, Maj. Lowry was scheduled for a two ship training sortie. Maj. Lowry was the flight lead, and on take-off rotation the F-15 crashed due to a fault in the flight control cables. Maj. Donald Lowry passed away on the way to the hospital.

53rd Fighter Squadron , Maj Donald G. “Zane” Lowry, jr 1994 (USAF photo)
94th Tactical Fighter Squadron (C-flight if I am correct). From left to Right— Killer Miller, TJ Rogers, Oral Roberts, Donald “Zane” Lowry, Roy  Bubba Parker.