Delivered to the USAF on May 14th 1985, this F-15 joined the 1st Tactical Fighter Wing at Langley AFB,VA

Started operational flying with the 94 TFS “Spads” and switched squadrons with the 27th FS on till late 1994. It then changed for warmer weather joining the F-15 Fighter Weapons School and later on 422 TES “OT”.

On 17th of March 2003 it was damaged after colliding with F-15C 83-0030 (422 TES) flown by Capt. Mike Zamiska who ejected safely. 83-040 was flown by Maj. Steve Early who was able to land safely back at Nellis AFB, in October 2004 it was seen flying again with 422 TES “OT”. Last checked 83-040 is still flying at Nellis AFB.