Maj. James G. Hazen

Major James G . Hazen , Class of 1974, died on 8 November 1988 when his F -15  (80-0017)crashed near Kodiak Island, AK . He had recently served as a flight commander in the 43rd and 54th Tactical Fighter Squadrons and as chief of training and chief of Scheduling for the 21st Tactical Fighter Wing . Trained as a navigator following graduation, Jim’s outstanding performance in the F-4 · led to his selection for pilot training . Distinguished graduate of Class 80-06 at Williams AFB, AZ , he earned the F -15 Eagle assignment that he had wanted so much. He will be remembered as a fighter pilot’s fighter pilot.  Maj. James Hazen is survived by his wife , Marianne and sons , Michael and Daniel; his mother, Constance Hazen; two brothers and sister.