73-0089 “The Old Lady”

This F-15A’s was delivered to the USAF on the 10th of March 1975 and started operational flying the 555 TFTS “Triple Nickel” out of Luke AFB. It would fly at Luke AFB until December 1985, with a brief stint from 1981 -1982 with the 461 TFTS “Deadly Jesters”

In December of 1985 it traded the Arizona Desert for the Gulf Coast at started flying with the 122nd TFS Bayou Militia at NAS New Orleans. Some were in the end 80’s 0089 ended up at Holloman AFB with the 9th TFS were it would fly until the “Iron Knights” changed to the darkside and started flying F-117’s.

0089 was transferred to the Georgia ANG and flew with the 128th TFS out of Dobbins AFB, this would be short lived. By the end of 1994 0089 transferred again this time to the Oregon ANG, 123 Fighter Squadron. By now it was one of the oldest Eagles in the inventory and 73-0089 was named the “Old Lady”

In 2010 73-0089 moved to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum’s and stands today as a memorial to F-15 pilots Capt. Michael King Smith and Maj. Rhory Roger Draeger.