555 Fighter Squadron

Eagle History

The 555th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron “Triple Nickel”  was stationed at Luke AFB, Arizona. The 555th TFTS was the first operational F-15 squadron and received the first Eagle TF-15A (73-0108) christened TAC I. After being christened by President Gerald Ford on November 14th, 1974. The Triple Nickel received its first F-15D in October 1982. During November of 1991 the 555 FS phased down the air-to-air training as the aircraft and training role started to transition to the 325 Fighter Wing at Tyndall AFB. The last F-15 left on December 20th 1991.

While still assigned to the 58th FW the 555 FS started to received the first F-15E’s in 1991 and in November 1991 took over the F-15E Strike Eagles and training role from the 550th Fighter Squadron. On March 25th, 1994 the 555th FS was deactivated when all the F-15E where transferred to Seymour-Johnson AFB. the 555 FS was reactivated as a F-16 squadron at Aviano AB, Italy.

F-15A-8-MC Eagle 73-0090 at Luke Air Force Base. The two aircraft in this photograph are painted “Air Superiority Blue” (U.S. Air Force)
(US Air Force)

(I am looking for more information of the 555 TFTS, like squadron competitions, history, personal stories related to the 555 TFTS etc)

Squadron photos

Lt. Col. Eric Nedergaard, on the flightline at Luke AFB. Lt. Col. Nedergaard was the Triple Nickel commander 8 Nov 1988 – 18 May 1990.

F-15D 80-0054 555 TFTS on final approach into Luke AFB
F-15A 80-0062 555 TFTS Triple Nickel Eagle climbing over the Arizona Desert
A close-up view of a photographer in the backseat of an F-15 Eagle aircraft in flight Photo made by Ken Hackman.