Gone But Not Forgotten

In honor of the Eagle Drivers, Strike Eagle Drivers and WSO’s who have lost their lives in the line of Duty never to be forgotten.

Memorial pages

Lt. Kenneth G. “Kage” Allen

Lt. Col. Thomas “Moses” Bouley

Capt. Edwin W. Cardin

Capt. Eric B. Das

Maj Rhory Roger “Hoser” Draeger

Maj. James A. “Crush” Duricy

Capt. Jeffrey K. “Flounder” Fahnlander

Lt. Col. Morris ” Moose” Fontenot Jr

Capt. Thomas J. “Lag” Gramith

Maj. James G . Hazen

Lt. Col. Donnie R. Holland

Maj. Peter S. Hook

Lt. Col.  Ken “Buster” Hyvonen

Capt. Francis “Piston” D. Imlay

Lt. Col. David A. Jacobson

Maj. Bartle M. Jackson

Lt. Col. Gene E. “Tornado” Jackson

Lt. Ali Jivanjee

Capt. Kirk “Jammer” Jones

Capt. Richard L. “Rich” Kendel

Capt. Darrell L. Kenney Jr

Capt. John “Hoss” Kindred

Maj. Thomas F. Koritz

Maj. Dennis R. Kuehler

Capt. Craig D. “Throat” Lovelady

Maj. Donald G. “Zane” Lowy

Lt. Michael J. Mark

Capt. David Craig “Dave” McCarthy

Capt. Mark R. “Pitbull” McDowell

Lt. Col. William E. Morel III

Lt. Sean P. Murphy

Lt. Col. Seth “Jethro” Nehring

Capt. Steve J. Nelson

Maj. Bruce “Phoid” Netardus

Col. Pat R. Paxton

Capt. James B. “Boo Boo” Poulet

Capt. Jeffrey “Wedge” Roether

Capt. Kirk P. Shauger

Lt. Col. William R. Watkins III

Capt. Dennis M. White 

Maj. Gregory D. Young

F-15C Eagles assigned to the 493rd Fighter Squadron fly a missing man formation over RAF Lakenheath, England, June 15, 2021, to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of 1st Lt. Kenneth “Kage” Allen, who was killed when his F-15C crashed into the North Sea. (Cedrique Oldaker/U.S. Air Force)