79-0012 “The Family Model”

The interesting career on 79-0012, it saw it’s fair share of squadron deactivations but still managed to escape retirement. This F-15D was delivered to the USAF on the 12th of march 1981, its first operational assignment was at Luke AFB, with the 426th TFTS “Killer Claws” it wouldn’t be for long.

On April 2nd 1981 012 touched down at Bitburg Air Base, Germany joining 22 TFS “BT” Stingers, were it would remain until the end of the Eagle era for the 22nd FS.

With the closing of Bitburg AB 012 transferred to 53 FS “SP” Tigers at Spangdahlem Air Base in early 1994. Unfortunately not for long in March 1999 the 53 FS Tigers were deactivated at Spangdahlem

On the 12th of March 1999 10:56 local time 79-0012 took off from Spangdahlem runway 23 for its return to CONUS where it would join the 27th FS at Langley AFB, it would fly at Langley until Sep 2003.
012 would fly for 7 years with the 2nd FS “American Beagles” until they stopped the F-15 Operation in 2010. It still wasn’t the end of 012 taking on another role now when as Aggressor with the 65th Aggressor Squadron at Nellis AFB until the 65th AS deactivation. Again 012 escaped retirement to continue back in the training role with the 114 FS at Klamath Falls were 012 is still flying. Continuing an impressive career.