USAF Name-Tags

Besides collecting USAF patches I am also a big fan Name-tag fan and collector. These are even more personal than the squadron & wing patches. The various designs over the years. Starting with the leather type with silver Wings till the fully embroider versions with the squadron logo inside the name-tag.

Here I am posting the ones that I have received so far from various donators. Each tell a story of their own . I would like to share these with you online.

Dave “K+10” Kolodzinski 53 TFS Bitburg AB, Germany F-15C/D
Mike Tice 199 Fighter Interceptor Squadron, Hickam AFB Hawaii ANG. F-15A/B
Top Green; Col. Mark “Chimp”Smith 3rd Operations Support Squadron, Elmendorf AFB.
Col Bill Povilus / Col Tom “YL” Ylikopsa 43 TFS Elmendorf AFB , Mark “Chimp” Smith 44 TFS Kadena AB, Japan. Bottom set Col. Mark “Chimp”Smith 54th Fighter Squadron, Elmendorf AFB
My own personal 32 TFS set received for my 15th Birthday from Craig “Kool” Jones when he was flying F-15s with the 32nd TFS at Soesterberg AB, The Netherlands. My nickname at the time was “Coke” as I never started a day without one
General Mike Dugan commander of US Air Forces in Europe. General Dugan received this name-tags during a squadron visit with the 496th TFS Top Dogs Hahn AB, German
Lt. Col. Brian “Custer” Coyne 494 Fighter Squadron RAF Lakenheath, U.K. F-15E
Mike Bebo 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Kadena AB Japan F-15C/D
Steve Oxner 192 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Reno IAP, Nevada ANG RF-4C