USAF collection

The first additions of 2021 to the USAF collection arrived yesterday. After a lot of research I came into contact with Capt. Gene E. Bibb. He has flown an amazing career on the F-4 Phantom within the USAF. I was reading a book called “Tiger FACs A dance with the Devil” written by Don Bell and the Tiger FACs. It is about the Fast FAC program in the Vietnam War.

Tiger FAC patch set Korat RTAFB, donated by Capt. Gene Bibb

Guys with stainless steal guts were flying these missions over Laos and North Vietnam. Crews from the 34th TFS and 469th TFS based at Korat RTAFB in Thailand were selected to fly these Fast FAC missions in the F-4E. Maj Bibb was flying with the 34th TFS and successfully participated in the Fast FAC program. For all of you who haven’t read it before it is a must read.

Maj Bibb donated all of his patches to USAF collection, it is a collection on it’s own. All of them are new to the collection. From his navigator training at Mather AFB, through the F-4 training at Luke AFB, F-4 patches from his combat unit (34 TFS) and the Tiger FACs at Korat RTAFB. I owe you many rounds of beer Gene and I hope you get the chance to visit the Netherlands soon.

388 TFW / 34 TFS patch set Korat RTAFB, donated by Capt Gene Bibb
Donated by Capt. Gene Bibb
Donated by Capt. Gene Bibb
311 TFTS patch set Luke AFB, donated by Capt. Gene Bibb