Wingman at War

First account of the youngest Eagle Driver during Operation Desert Storm

I am a huge fan of first-hand authored flying stories and autobiographies. I have read nearly every and any USAF and USN book you can find about the Vietnam Air War, Gulf War, Allied Force, etc. from Ed Razimus, Jack Broughton, Willy Driscoll to Dan Hampton and was really looking forward to start reading Wingman at War, but this time it was different. I personally witnessed everything from an outside perspective during Operation Desert Storm as a 15-year-old kid at the time, following everything I could about the F-15 Eagles during the air campaign of Operation Desert Storm.  This incredible account took me right back to those amazing memories.

I couldn’t stop reading this incredible personal journal and read over 40% of the book in the first go. Simply put, it is the best air combat memoir I have ever read. It provides an incredible look into Combat Operations during Desert Storm through the eyes of a young fighter pilot. While reading Wingman at War I felt as if I was there, at Incirlik AB on the flightline watching Eagles launching and recovering. Boz’s thrilling portrayals of combat missions and life in a combat squadron kept me glued to the story.

The way it is written is extremely personal, virtually reliving the events Boz went through, and as much as possible for a civilian, experiencing the feelings he had in the moment. Through his book I discovered a lot of information and knowledge I never knew, even as a military aviation aficionado.

You can find it at Amazon click on this link Wingman at War