An American Fighter Pilot in Mr. Reagan’s Air Force

There is a great new Eagle book out written by Rick “Kluso”Tollini called “Call-Sign KLUSO: An American Fighter Pilot in Mr. Reagan’s Air Force” Personally I am a big fan of autobiography related flying stories.

Eagle pilot Rick “Kluso” Tollini’s life has embodied childhood dreams and the reality of what the American experience could produce. In his memoir, Call Sign KLUSO, Rick puts the fraught minutes above the Iraqi desert that made him an ace into the context of a full life; exploring how he came to be flying a F-15C in Desert Storm, and how that day became a pivotal moment in his life.

Rick’s first experience of flying was in a Piper PA-18 over 1960s’ California as a small boy, and his love of flying through his teenage years was fostered by his pilot father, eventually blossoming into a decision to join the Air Force as a pilot in his late twenties. Having trained to fly jets he was assigned to fly the F-15 Eagle with the “Dirty Dozen,” the 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron, at Kadena AB, Japan before returning Stateside to the 58th Tactical Fighter Squadron “The Gorillas.” Throughout training, Reagan’s fighter pilots expected to face the Soviet Union, but Rick’s first combat deployment was Desert Storm. He recounts the planning, the preparation, and the missions, the life of a fighter pilot in a combat zone and the reality of combat. Rick’s aerial victory was one of 16 accumulated by the Gorillas, the most by any squadron during Desert Storm.

Returning from the combat skies of Iraq, Rick continued a successful fulfilling Air Force career until, struggling to make sense of his life, he turned to Buddhism. His practice led him to leave the Air Force, to find a new vocation, and to finally come to terms with shooting down that MiG-25 Foxbat in the desert all those years before. Most importantly, he came to a deeper understanding of the importance of our shared humanity.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Wonder Years
Chapter 2 Middlefield Avenue
Chapter 3 SJSU
Chapter 4 OTS and Chandler, AZ
Chapter 5 The Dirty Dozen
Chapter 6 The Gorillas
Chapter 7 Tabuk
Chapter 9 Return to the Dozen
Chapter 10 The Long and Winding Road
Chapter 11 The Buddha and The Fighter Pilot
Final thoughts

You can by a copy at;

And various other bookstores, google online for An American Fighter Pilot in Mr. Reagan’s Air Force

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